New Book Release

More Than Meets the Eye is a book of fine art photography
and 'stream of consciousness' writings that illuminate the
otherwise invisible world of spiritual qualities.

Excerpt from More The Meets the Eye (page 40)

The wall between you and your joy is an illusion. It is a manufactured truth constructed of obfuscation and your own expectations of perfection. The wall you perceive yourself to be held captive by is a creation of your limited beliefs about the possibilities that are, in fact, yours. The wall you perceive between you and your perfection is keeping you from your greatness. The wall is of your own making.

I can hear you now. You think of the pain in your back. You think of the very real pain in the world. You think, as you always do, of the mothers in Iraq who worry for their children. I would be a fool to pretend that this physical reality does not exist and I am not a fool. These tragedies exist in the world but they do not preclude you from the good that is also there. There is a place for grief. There is a place for pain. There is a place for anger and fear. They are natural but they are only one side of the story.

You can build a wall to your pain if you want. You can create a barrier that keeps you stuck in your own small experience. That is your option but I come to you this morning with an alternative. I come to you this morning with a radical, revolutionary thought. Rather than build a wall to your pain, let the energy of your pain tear the wall down. Take your anger and frustration and let it energize you. Tear the wall down so you are free.

It’s the inaction that really hurts. It’s the obfuscating, it’s the denial of more. It’s the victimization that hurts.