More then meets the eye

cloudsI place my anxiety and worry on the proverbial altar. There among the remnants of my past and devotional illusions I place my anxiety and worry to be tended by God. I hand my concerns over to the spirit of wisdom, strength and patience that I am not, at present, able to feel. There, on my imagined altar, among the fresh cut roses and gifts given to me with love, I place the anxiety and worry that impairs my ability to be fully who I am.

For those among you who think this is all a bunch of hooey, I have only one thing to say — and this I know for sure — that there is more to life than meets the eye. There is more than we experience in our five senses, more than we can see, hear, smell, touch or taste. There is another dimension, another reality that is, in fact, grander and more significant that anything in our petty physical world.

Yes, there is more than meets eye.

There —right beyond the obvious (the black of this keyboard, the smells of morning, the sound of passing cars) beyond all the things in life that seem tactile and irrefutable — is where Life lives. Beyond the three dimensional manifestation of our labors, right there on the other side, around the corner, underneath, in between, behind and right in front of us are the formless qualities we most crave.

Love itself has no form but it takes form through us. Courage has no form, in and of itself, yet we know it when we see it displayed in human behavior. Compassion itself is not a thing we can grab hold of and put on a shelf yet we see it at work in people everywhere. Wisdom. Serenity. Creativity. Strength. Clarity. Power. Health. They exist only when we choose to allow them expression through our embodied lives.

Let’s go back to love. You can’t go to the store and buy love. Yes, you can buy a roses and present them to your partner with a kiss but they are not the love itself. They only represent love. They are a vehicle for the love, a physical manifestation of the love not the love itself.

What of health? You can’t pick up health at the drug store (despite what many try to convince us) and store it in your medicine cabinet for future use. Yes, you can buy medicine that you ingest that changes your physical state and facilitates what we call health but you can’t buy the health itself. Health is beyond the physical.

There is more than meets the eye and that which is beyond the eye is the essence of what we all want. We are born to harness and expression those spiritual qualities through our unique physical form. By expressing those qualities we are in service to life. The truth of who we are is not found in the stuff we have or the things we do. The truth of who we are is in the intent with which we create our stuff and the intent with which we interact in the world.

The family photographs on my mantelpiece are priceless not because of the paper they are printed on or the silver that frames them. They are valuable because of they are a vessel, a conduit, for the love in my life. So it is for me and my body. My body is a vessel for health. My body has form, sinew, muscles, nerves, blood and cells, all of which can be counted, weighted, measured and quantified. Cells can be extracted and put under a microscope for examination. Skin can be cut and stitched back together. Blood can be flooded with chemicals that my heart distributes to every corner of my body to eradicate discomfort or bring on sleep but there, right behind the physicality of the chemical compound, right beside the shape and characteristics of my cells in the Petri dish, right beyond my sleeping slumber at home in bed is the healing.

There is more than meets eye. This morning I bring the unseen to the forefront of my mind. That is my prayer. I claim the health that is my divine right. This I know for sure.

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