The stage is yours

A message from The Voice.

The crowd that has gathered in your mind to pass judgment is nothing more than your monkey mind holding court. The stage is yours and yours alone. What will you do with it? To whom will you speak and about what will you share?

Your life is an opportunity, an opening, an invitation. As the sun rises this morning and the birds greet the day, your curtain is going up. The stage is set. The lights are coming up. The music is cued. It’s your turn to speak. Who will you be today?

Always remember, the critic you fear most is imagined. In reality, the audience (life) is on your side. They come to see you to applaud you, not to find fault. They want you to succeed. They cry out for your biggest, boldest, most heart-felt expression. So, step up. Raise your head to the light that illuminates you and speak up. Laugh and cry and celebrate.

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