A message from The Voice. Imagine committing the most heinous, blood curdling crime. Imagine being painfully boring, unimaginative and inactive. Imagine being petty, vindictive, angry and mean-spirited. Imagine being ugly, too skinny with bad teeth and skin. Imagine being a failure, a loser, unpopular, alone, weak, lazy, and unproductive. Imagine being nothing.

A message from The Voice. You are achingly alone yet intimately connected. This is the most vexing and haunting paradox in your human lives. Learning how to navigate the boundaries between those seemingly contradictory world is the trick of a full and fulfilling life. This is also the irony and challenge of a spiritual practice. You sit quietly in solitary confinement with only

MY VOICE: I can not seem to feel that effervescence of life and love and joy that I know is right there, on the other side of my mind's chatter. There is a heavy cloud obscuring my view. I am weighed down by an opaque blanket of doubt. I can not see, remember, feel or believe in what I know I have experienced in the past. My mind and memory tell me what's possible but I viscerally don't feel it. I feel sad and lost. THE VOICE: Cathy, to be human is to doubt and to lapse and to experience disconnection.

A message from The Voice. You suspect you get in your own way out of fear and you are correct. By stepping forward and creating the results you say you want, you risk the appearance of caring. And, the last thing your ego wants is to want something and then not get it. Failure is not an option so your ego blocks your progress. It’s preferred stance is cool and detached.

A message from The Voice. Your life’s purpose is not designed for your own personal gratification. Yes, you enjoy doing things you are good at but the gifts you are given are not intended solely for your pleasure. You are born to share yourself with ourselves. You are a social creature. To understand your purpose is to identify what contribution you will make, not to yourself, but to the world.

A message from The Voice. Living life behind a costume and mask is exhausting. We each wander through our lives encased in our own private, self-constructed cocoon. Within it’s familiar walls we feel safe and warm. We perceive our protective walls to be impermeable and opaque. We feel comforted by the knowledge that our secrets are invisible to the world. It is from this illusion of safety that we operate in the world.

A message from The Voice. Invisibility and infinity. The two are linked in a dance of the imagination. They test the minds limits. We like the concrete, the provable. We like patterns, evidence that repeats. We are comforted by the familiar and prefer answers to questions. But, where is the creativity, the expansiveness, the transformation in the finite and visible? If all is well with you and your world, then by all means, sit back and enjoy your status quo but most of us want more – for the world, if not ourselves.

A message from The Voice. From your pile of wreckage blooms your dreams. When push comes to shove, your good comes from your darkest corners. As you become willing to swim in the ugliness, you dare to get dirty and it’s the dirty who get things done. Fear not. Don’t shy away from the ugly underbelly. The ugly underbelly is hidden by the beautiful but is no less worthy of your gaze.

Pollyanna is struggling. I'm in New York, as in City, and the rain has not let up. A glance at the back page of the USA Today that sits at my hotel door every morning offers no hope for change before I get on the...