New York Rain

rainPollyanna is struggling. I’m in New York, as in City, and the rain has not let up. A glance at the back page of the USA Today that sits at my hotel door every morning offers no hope for change before I get on the plane to come home. Lots of gray, taxi-prone puddles, inverted umbrellas, and crabby people. Last weekend, before my arrival, 80 degree sunshine planted hopes of spring in New Yorkers that were quickly dashed.

Where’s a girl to turn for the silver lining?

Hmm…I’m writing a new entry in this blog. Does that count? Yes.
Hmm…I’m resting my feet that were seriously unhappy after lots of touring in Chicago. Does that count? Yes.
Hmm…I’ll be especially happy to get home. Does that count? Yes.
Hmm…I’m spending far less money. Does that count. Yes.

So there.

Pollyanna lives, even as she dodges the raindrops.

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