Bright shadows

A message from The Voice.

From your pile of wreckage blooms your dreams.

When push comes to shove, your good comes from your darkest corners. As you become willing to swim in the ugliness, you dare to get dirty and it’s the dirty who get things done.

Fear not. Don’t shy away from the ugly underbelly. The ugly underbelly is hidden by the beautiful but is no less worthy of your gaze.

Death is as momentous as birth and no less worthy of our attention. There is balance in life and you must tend to its seesaw nature. Think of light and shadow. Yes, the shadow is created and defined by the light but it is a necessary byproduct of the light. You can not have light without shadows. The shadow can not exist without the light but the light can not exist without the shadow. You must embrace both. Explore your shadows, their subtly, their humanity. Constellations of life lurk in the shade of the tree. As in photography, you must expose for detail in the shadows.

Look deeply at the thing you cover yourself with. Examine it’s finer details, smell it, touch it, then thank it. It has, and no doubt will continue to, serve you well but you are more than your shadow. There is far more light then there is shadow.

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