Hold fast to the invisible

A message from The Voice.

Invisibility and infinity. The two are linked in a dance of the imagination. They test the minds limits. We like the concrete, the provable. We like patterns, evidence that repeats. We are comforted by the familiar and prefer answers to questions. But, where is the creativity, the expansiveness, the transformation in the finite and visible? If all is well with you and your world, then by all means, sit back and enjoy your status quo but most of us want more – for the world, if not ourselves.

The aspect of life upon which we hang our hopes and dreams often feels just out of our reach. We grasp for things we can’t see or sometimes can’t even imagine. That craving is our spirit calling us up.

We must look beyond the limiting beliefs (war, poverty, homelessness, injustice is inevitable) that plague our current world view. They feel intractable. They feel true. To deny their truth is to be labeled, at best, naive, at worst, a fool.

Stop. Stop claiming your past as evidence for your future. Your past will repeat itself only because you make it so. Make new choices. Proclaim a different future. See the future flowing in a new, more loving, more sustainable, more equitable direction. See the possibility. See the invisible and claim it so. Feel the infinite and embrace the permission it offers for creativity and vision.

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