Why do we avoid?

A message from The Voice.

You suspect you get in your own way out of fear and you are correct. By stepping forward and creating the results you say you want, you risk the appearance of caring. And, the last thing your ego wants is to want something and then not get it. Failure is not an option so your ego blocks your progress. It’s preferred stance is cool and detached.

Your actions are a reflection of what’s happening inside. You are not taking action because your ego doesn’t want you to. The frustration and self-recrimination you are experiencing is simply a reflection of the conflict between your ego and your true expression of self. You feel uncomfortable and disconnected because you are. You are allowing your ego to drive the bus to Destination A when you know you really want to go to Destination B. It’s natural that you would feel annoyed and disappointed.

Let me drive the bus and you will soar.

There is nothing wrong with caring and nothing wrong with failing. Come to my garden and you will discover that there is nothing in it that is not wanted. Nothing. Even the weeds and dying bulbs are in their perfect state.

I have said it now a hundred times… just proceed. I will not disappoint.

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