You built it, now enjoy it.

A message from The Voice.

Don’t struggle. Don’t fight the natural inclination of your mind. If your sense of yourself this morning feels stuck and unrelenting do not judge it, nor analyze it into submission. You sense a one-sided fortress holding you back. Don’t hate it, embrace it. You built it, now enjoy it.

Slow down and allow its texture to come into focus. Examine the details embedded in what you perceive to be your barrier. Bask in your walls reflected light. Feel its warmth. Lean against it for shelter and stability. Sit with your back against your self-construction limitations. Take refuge in its strength but know that your fears and anxiety will take no rest—nor will your dreams and aspirations.

The wall you see as your impediment has two sides. You can’t yet see the other side. But one day you will. I promise.

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