Act upon your urgings

A message from The Voice.

There is more than one way to get where you are going and you needn’t know where you are going to get there. All I ask is that you proceed. The red carpet is on my back and ready to be laid before you but you must first step forward. My promise is that your foot will never fall on fallow earth. You will be met by me at every turn—always.

You can, of course, sit and wait until the perfectly straight, unobstructed road appears before you. You may wait in the hopes that your journey will be uneventful but you will be waiting a long time. The world and life does not unfold uninterrupted. Life is not simple and linear and neither are you. Life is a pothole-ridden road with unexpected curves that you won’t see until you get there.

So, take a step. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do something. Act upon your urgings. Take a step and watch the scenery change. Know that the horizon will always be the same distant away but each step forward will bring new vistas. Know that you must first trust to move forward. You must have enough faith in yourself to take a deep breath and jump into the abyss. Your fall will be caught.

Just proceed. Unhinge the shackles of your fear and know that the force that is calling you forth is benevolent and for the benefit of all, including you.

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