I am the gentle reminder

A message from The Voice.

Cathy, what is it about your journey that is worth your attention? That should be the essence and the content of your messages. That is MY essence. I am only interested in that which serves the greater good. And so it should be with you.
You were born with a unique and perfect set of qualities and gifts. They are in a constellation designed and delivered specifically to you. As you develop you are changed and morphed by your circumstances into yet another unique constellation. Your task now is to allow the stars that make up the constellation to shine.

All too often you produce clouds and rain to obscure their magnificence. You come to me for help to uncover them, pull back the curtain and allow them to be seen in all their brilliance. If and when you allow your greatness to be seen the viewer will light up as well. That’s how this thing called life and relationships works. Others want to see you shine because it means they can too. Some will feel diminished and judgmental but you need not, and should not, focus on them. Surround yourself with others who are polishing their light for grander performances. They will appreciate and feed off your willingness.

The simple truth is that you have everything you need already. There is nothing missing. You will learn more as you progress but you have everything you need right now to take the next step. So proceed. Take the next step. The carpet awaits your ready feet. Open your mouth and let the pearls of who you are spill forth. You needn’t worry because everything you do, say and perform will be perfect. Even those instances that you will interpret as shameful are for you or someone else’s good. I waste nothing. You are the only ones who are wasteful.

As I have been saying for month’s—just proceed. One foot in front of the other. Trust that the goodness of who you are and your greater calling are being supported by me. Remember that I am your greatest resource, I am your bank, I am the strength to which you turn.

And who am I, you ask? I am the limitless reservoir and repository of the best of you. I am that which you call your greater yet to be. I am the word you call your potential. I am the you you know you’re capable of being. I am the gentle reminder.

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