Put down your burdens

candleA message from The Voice.

The point of coming here and communing with me each morning in this quiet intentional way is so that you can get to know me better. I am a habit that can be hard to acquire. Most habits are hard to break; I am one that’s hard to keep. Your brain is active and engaged in opportunities that present themselves in three dimensions. The world comes at you. It is in your face, poking and prodding you into submission. But I come with you. I am withinyou. I thrive and operate beyond the obvious and am, therefore, easy to forget.

The point of a morning or evening time of contemplation is to remember. When you light your candle or ring your singing bowl or close your eyes in prayer…you are connecting to your own divinity. When you release the sense of your self as limited and small and shackled to your limiting beliefs about yourself, you feel liberated, you feel powerful, you feel relieved. The walls you’veconstructed that make you feel trapped dissipate in the face of the realization that you are more than your circumstances.

By coming to me in contemplation, you put down your burdens so that your hands are free to receive the next gift.

Coming to me is a gift you give yourself. Now it is time to give it away.

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