brainA message from The Voice: You woke this morning feeling hemmed in. You woke feeling as if there was something missing but I am here to tell you that that is only an illusion. There is nothing missing. In the language of the universe it is impossible for something to be missing because there is nothing outside of the universe. So, what you feel is missing is only missing because you have chosen to not see it. I know. Your mind and its perpetual loops of dissatisfaction and fear are loud. Like the megaphones on the streets of Prague during the communist occupation spitting out propaganda 24/7, your mind is telling you things that are simply not true. You must out-yell them. You must do everything in your power to supplant them with different, more supportive, more empowering, more truthful messages. This work you have undertaken to see beyond the surface is not easy. The ruts you have formed in your mind are deep and well traveled. You will need heavy equipment to

greenpastures2A message from The Voice You come here to this spot on your couch to tap into the reservoir of goodness that exists in the world, everywhere, all the time—even in you. You know that as you proceed through your day people will interrupt you, rocks will fall in your path, flowers will bloom right beside but go unnoticed. That’s why you sit here with me. You know that right beyond the front door of your physical experience are rolling hills and green pastures waiting for you to play and be your best. You come here to remember. You come here to remember the ever unfolding, infinitely available fields of possibility. As far as the eye can see, up and down, across and around, there is love and joy eager to be expressed. You are bathed in it. It infuses your skins and is absorbed to your core. It is what you are made of. Close your eyes for just a moment and see

windI spring from the rivers of great mountain ranges and fall into the oceans that feed the world. I am a child of my parents. I am the living breath body through which Spirit expresses itself. Beyond my body is a world. Other people, trees, fish, swamp and sea, ferns and foxtail, swan and swallow, worm and seed. This planet is rife with throbbing life. The wind blows from Kuala Lumpur to Kentucky bringing with it the sweet nectar of promise. On the winds come rain and clear skies and the possibility of newness. Beyond my mind and my limiting view of what’s possible is a whirl of life, dreams, hopes and love – unending, warm, soft embracing love. On the winds from the west come all that we seek. On the winds from the west comes Spirit.