Why meditate

greenpastures2A message from The Voice

You come here to this spot on your couch to tap into the reservoir of goodness that exists in the world, everywhere, all the time—even in you. You know that as you proceed through your day people will interrupt you, rocks will fall in your path, flowers will bloom right beside but go unnoticed. That’s why you sit here with me. You know that right beyond the front door of your physical experience are rolling hills and green pastures waiting for you to play and be your best.

You come here to remember. You come here to remember the ever unfolding, infinitely available fields of possibility. As far as the eye can see, up and down, across and around, there is love and joy eager to be expressed. You are bathed in it. It infuses your skins and is absorbed to your core. It is what you are made of.

Close your eyes for just a moment and see yourself on a hillock on a soft, clean, unadorned, effervescent green prairie. See yourself infused with love, joy, your potential…… Feel it rise up and expand. That’s right….. Now feel it’s healing power. Close your eyes and feel it. Feel how it breaks down barriers, opens your heart, heals past hurts. Love and joy are yours always…..That is who you are in Spirit.

Now see yourself in your life…at work, in front of the mirror, in your relationship, as you pay bills. Are you different? What feeling runs through your body? Are you loving yourself? In resistance? How different is that feeling from the way you felt in your prairie? How long have you been feeling this way? Is it true? Does it serve you?

This is why you come here. You come to commune with Me so you can create a counterpoint to the whirling, reactive, often unloving, repetitive nature of your mind. You come here and sit with me so you can remember who you are in Spirit. Your task upon the earth is to bridge the gap between your human experience (including your feelings) and your spiritual capability. Your heart can be hurt but it remains whole. Your heart can be trampled but it cannot be destroyed. Your heart can break but ti still beats. Nothing, nothing, nothing, no one, no event, can snuff me out. I am more powerful that any circumstance. Embrace me. Come to me to remember who you are in your very nature—a loving, creative, gentle, trusting, abundant, kind soul. Don’t just write or read those words, FEEL them:

Loving. Creative. Powerful. Gentle. Trusting. Abundant. Kind. THAT is who you are.

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