Beyond the barriers

brainA message from The Voice:

You woke this morning feeling hemmed in. You woke feeling as if there was something missing but I am here to tell you that that is only an illusion. There is nothing missing. In the language of the universe it is impossible for something to be missing because there is nothing outside of the universe. So, what you feel is missing is only missing because you have chosen to not see it.

I know. Your mind and its perpetual loops of dissatisfaction and fear are loud. Like the megaphones on the streets of Prague during the communist occupation spitting out propaganda 24/7, your mind is telling you things that are simply not true. You must out-yell them. You must do everything in your power to supplant them with different, more supportive, more empowering, more truthful messages.

This work you have undertaken to see beyond the surface is not easy. The ruts you have formed in your mind are deep and well traveled. You will need heavy equipment to plow through the barriers that have held you back but that is the work you have signed up for and the path you are paving for others. It is a worthy endeavor.

I want you where you want to be. I want you enlivened and happy and fulfilled. I will lighten your load if you are willing to put down the burden. The struggle, the toil, the trials and tribulations are not required. The pain is worth your notice, your acknowledgement, your understanding, your gratitude but then you must release it. You and your upbringing have created the dissonance so it deserves your attention but it need not take up residence.

You often say, there is more than meets the eye. There is also more than inhabits your initial reactions. Beneath the familiar feelings of disappointment or boredom or frustration is a cacophony of good feelings: hope, joy, pleasure, connection, service, serenity, excitement, passion, abundance, prosperity, fun….it’s all right there but you must be willing to reach for it. You must do the work to set aside your current feelings and circumstances and see, actually see in your minds eye, what you want.

Cultivate your mind. Feed it. Take the time and make the effort to see beyond the barriers that lay right in front of you. See the beautiful rolling hills of uninterrupted possibility and the golden gifts that await you at the horizon and in your heart, right here and now, you will be made whole. Nothing’s missing. You are whole.
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