Because there’s always time for joy

Welcome to Chronicle of Joy.

I’ve launched this new website—and an emailed newsletter—because the world has gone mad and I need to write about it. Some writers are satisfied scribbling in a diary. Not me. I, sadly, feel compelled to share. So, I’ve built this stage and you are my audience. At least the tickets are free.

My aim? To use my words for good. To look past circumstances for the lesson that is always lurking. To be ruthlessly honest, leave preaching to the professionals and—hopefully—offer up a laugh or two along the way.

Because laughing—and joy—are always an option.

These days, the shadows among us are deep. This morning, as refugees bound for the United States are thrown off plane and shoved into handcuffs, joy feels a long way off. Talking about joy feels disloyal to those who are, right now, suffering.

But, here’s what I know, we can’t let the shadows subsume us. And, shadows can’t exist without light. So, I’ll be looking through the ugly, dark rubble for the treasures and share what I find.

From this perch, I will hold the high watch. I will harness my freedom and, yes, privilege, to wave the flags of peace, reconciliation, justice, compassion, kindness, love and joy. 

I know, I promised to not be preachy. I can’t seem to help myself. So, I’ll shut up now and leave you with my deepest intent for this website and newsletter:

That my words and labors be for good.

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