Hope can be hard to muster…until now.

Bad news pummels, technology presses and everyday life looms. How do we hold onto hope? We remember to reach for it.  52 Reasons for Hope: Finding Inspiration in Times of Trouble is a collection of wise, warm, bite-sized essays that will gently shift your pain to promise.

Rooted in universal spiritual truths, each reflection tells a nourishing story that inspires us to rise above life’s challenges to discover the life—and world—we want most deeply.  52 Reasons for Hope invites us to tap into the wellspring of resources we have inside and celebrate the blessings found in all of life’s complexity.


“It’s hard to find rest anywhere these days. That is the stark truth. 52 Reasons has become my quiet space…. I look forward to it like I look forward to a vacation… If you need a rest, if you need a friend, if you need hope, if you need to let go – then those are all very good reasons to buy this book.”

“This is a book you’ll keep nearby and pick up often: whenever you need a boost, a word of encouragement, a respite from the slings and arrows life may send your way, or a reminder of the beauty each day can yield. Buy it, read it, keep it within reach.”

“Cathy’s thoughtful and insightful words slow me down, force me to reevaluate my experiences, make conscious decisions about how I will respond to a situation rather than just emoting. My copy still sits on my coffee table, but now the cover is curled from all the times I’ve opened it and broken the binding backwards. Several pages are turned down at the corners, reminding me to go back to a reflection again, and yellow stickies hold my thoughts after reading a passage. Cathy’s wise words remind me to slow down, to breathe deeply, and to hope.”

“Every page delivers an uplifting insight. I frequently just crack the book and read whatever page I land on and without fail it’s relevant and surprising. The more you read, the more it lifts your perspective. Turn off the news, put down your phone and pick up this book.”

“There was so much in her writing that resonated, touched, and moved me. By following Krizik’s journey towards hope, I feel like I not only know her but also know myself better. And isn’t that what great writing is supposed to do—let us into ourselves?”

“I acquired this marvelous book from a casual friend at a garden party. I’ve been pouring over it ever since, and cannot get over its inviting format and deft, swift magic! I now take 52 Reasons for HOPE wherever I go, read snippets to my friends, and yesterday even texted a phone photo of page 20-21 to my son.”