And All the Inbetweens


Cathy’s father was the grandson of the “Czech Thomas Edison.” While she grew up in the American suburbs, he was raised in Bohemian castle adorned with old master paintings and chauffeurs at the ready. When he fled Prague in 1948 to avoid conscription in the communist-backed Czech army, he left behind fame, an industrialist’s fortune, an entire family and his country.

Forty-five years later, as the iron curtain crumbled and democracy took hold, Cathy and her father travelled to Prague to begin an eleven-year journey of reclamation and restitution. Amidst years of bureaucratic wrangling, family revelations and Cathy’s move to Prague, they discovered something far more valuable than material treasures. They found one another.

And All the Inbetweens is a richly illustrated, graphic memoir about love and loss, legacy and liberation. It’s about fish ponds and Tintoretto, expats and peasants, booze and being the child of an immigrant. It’s about needing to travel 6000 miles in order to grow up and find your way home.

This father-daughter tale is an exploration into the complexity of the human heart and how, if we’re brave enough to
look, we can find gifts everywhere—in the victories and the struggles.

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