Take the fork

Message from The Voice.

Be with yourself quietly so that you can see your true potential. As long as your mind resides only in the comings and goings of your day to day you will only see the mundane. You must expand beyond that which you have already experience. You have been traveling down the same road for some time now. There are forks in the road ahead that seem to veer off the cliff. They seem scary but if you dare look ‘round the corner you will seen a broader vista. You must trust that the road will not fall away into oblivion. You must trust that even if the ground beneath you does crumbles there will be a net that catches you.

The question I most want to pose is: what will be the fuel that carries you forward? What nourishment will you require to keep moving forward? What reward will be waiting for you across the finish line? Think on this because you will need to maintain your vision and passion when the warmth of the sun has faded and the cupboard appears bare. Hold fast to that which you know to be true, regardless of the physical evidence. Hold fast to your grand vision. It may seem too vast and impossible but that is only because you don’t believe it possible. Believe it possible and you will be rewarded with the pleasure of seeing it some to pass.

Cathy, what is most true is that if you hold fast that which is true it will become True. What I know to be true is that you are a bundle of life and love. I need say no more.

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