The light awaits

spotlightA message from The Voice. 

There are times when the lights are bright and designed to illuminate. Then there are times when the corners and caves are dark and perfect for hiding. Each phase of life requires different lighting. Today, as you embark on your fiftieth celebration you are being called up to dwell in the light. You are being called up to stand in the light, have it reflect off of you so that those who love you can bask in YOUR light. They love you. They want to stand before you and honor you. They want to celebrate who you are in their lives.

Cathy, the lights can be hot. They can reveal your imperfections but it is the place you are meant to be for now. The dark and dank corners of darkness are not your destination. There is a time and place for hiding but now is not one of them.

Come out from behind the curtain. The spotlight awaits your arrival.

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