Dreaded Self Promotion

For some writers, the pleasure of writing is pleasure enough.

Not for me. If I want pleasure I drink hot chocolate or sit on my patio in the sun and read someone else’s book.

At times, when I stumble on the perfect word or phrase, writing becomes enjoyable. Mostly it’s hard. At times even painful.  But for some god forsaken reason, I think I have something to say that people might want (dare I say need?) to hear.

So, I need readers. That means people have to know I exist.  Enter, dreaded self-promotion.

Marketing. The curse of the artist. 

But I’m going to do it. I gotta.

Superstition Review is one of the journals that was kind enough to publish one of my essays “Prairie of the Mind”. You can read it here. Listen to it here (go to #191).

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