Message from The Voice. Be with yourself quietly so that you can see your true potential. As long as your mind resides only in the comings and goings of your day to day you will only see the mundane. You must expand beyond that which you have already experience. You have been traveling down the same road for some time now. There are forks in the road ahead that seem to veer off the cliff. They seem scary but if you dare look ‘round the corner you will seen a broader vista. You must trust that the road will not fall away into oblivion. You must trust that even if the ground beneath you does crumbles there will be a net that catches you. The question I most want to pose is:

A message from The Voice. Don’t struggle. Don’t fight the natural inclination of your mind. If your sense of yourself this morning feels stuck and unrelenting do not judge it, nor analyze it into submission. You sense a one-sided fortress holding you back. Don’t hate it, embrace it. You built it, now enjoy it. Slow down and allow its texture to come into focus. Examine the details embedded in what you perceive to be your barrier. Bask in your walls reflected light. Feel its warmth. Lean against it for shelter and stability. Sit with your back against your

A message from The Voice. The left and right are opposite one another for a reason—so they can exist independently. They are each self-governing, have their own agenda and are motivated by their own purpose. One can operate, even excel, without help from the other but that does not mean they should. Just because they are islands does not mean they are not connected. Yes, they are separate but together they can be a force to be reckoned with. Build a bridge between them and you will be unstoppable.

A message from The Voice. Imagine committing the most heinous, blood curdling crime. Imagine being painfully boring, unimaginative and inactive. Imagine being petty, vindictive, angry and mean-spirited. Imagine being ugly, too skinny with bad teeth and skin. Imagine being a failure, a loser, unpopular, alone, weak, lazy, and unproductive. Imagine being nothing.

A message from The Voice. You are achingly alone yet intimately connected. This is the most vexing and haunting paradox in your human lives. Learning how to navigate the boundaries between those seemingly contradictory world is the trick of a full and fulfilling life. This is also the irony and challenge of a spiritual practice. You sit quietly in solitary confinement with only

MY VOICE: I can not seem to feel that effervescence of life and love and joy that I know is right there, on the other side of my mind's chatter. There is a heavy cloud obscuring my view. I am weighed down by an opaque blanket of doubt. I can not see, remember, feel or believe in what I know I have experienced in the past. My mind and memory tell me what's possible but I viscerally don't feel it. I feel sad and lost. THE VOICE: Cathy, to be human is to doubt and to lapse and to experience disconnection.

A message from The Voice. You suspect you get in your own way out of fear and you are correct. By stepping forward and creating the results you say you want, you risk the appearance of caring. And, the last thing your ego wants is to want something and then not get it. Failure is not an option so your ego blocks your progress. It’s preferred stance is cool and detached.

A message from The Voice. Your life’s purpose is not designed for your own personal gratification. Yes, you enjoy doing things you are good at but the gifts you are given are not intended solely for your pleasure. You are born to share yourself with ourselves. You are a social creature. To understand your purpose is to identify what contribution you will make, not to yourself, but to the world.