A message from The Voice. Living life behind a costume and mask is exhausting. We each wander through our lives encased in our own private, self-constructed cocoon. Within it’s familiar walls we feel safe and warm. We perceive our protective walls to be impermeable and opaque. We feel comforted by the knowledge that our secrets are invisible to the world. It is from this illusion of safety that we operate in the world.

A message from The Voice. Invisibility and infinity. The two are linked in a dance of the imagination. They test the minds limits. We like the concrete, the provable. We like patterns, evidence that repeats. We are comforted by the familiar and prefer answers to questions. But, where is the creativity, the expansiveness, the transformation in the finite and visible? If all is well with you and your world, then by all means, sit back and enjoy your status quo but most of us want more – for the world, if not ourselves.

A message from The Voice. From your pile of wreckage blooms your dreams. When push comes to shove, your good comes from your darkest corners. As you become willing to swim in the ugliness, you dare to get dirty and it’s the dirty who get things done. Fear not. Don’t shy away from the ugly underbelly. The ugly underbelly is hidden by the beautiful but is no less worthy of your gaze.

A message from The Voice. The crowd that has gathered in your mind to pass judgment is nothing more than your monkey mind holding court. The stage is yours and yours alone. What will you do with it? To whom will you speak and about what will you share? Your life is an opportunity, an opening, an invitation. As the sun rises this morning and the birds greet the day, your curtain is going up. The stage is set. The lights are coming up. The music is cued. It’s your turn to speak. Who will you be today?

valiumAfter all the spiritual and emotional work I've done these last few weeks, I've earned the right to drop a Valium. I did just that last night and I don’t regret it a bit. The Surgery Center awaits. For those of us still reliant (if judiciously) on Western medicine, living in Santa Cruz can be tough. After all, this is ground zero for woo woo-ness. I suspect there are more alternative health care providers in Santa Cruz per square mile than almost anywhere else. A masseuse is probably living next door. Acupuncturists? A dime a dozen. There’s a chiropractor on every corner, not to mention the homeopathic doctors, hypnotherapists, naturopaths, craniosacral therapists, reiki energy healers, and psychics lurking behind every tree. It’s easy to laugh. The flowing, formless Indian print skirts